Our History


Satnam Psyllium we are at the forefront of quality and ensure that we only deliver the highest quality product to our customers.
Our technology comprises state-of-the-art milling operations that are certified to meet world-class quality standards.

Satnam Psyllium Industries


At the end of 2014 we also got the certification of from USDA organic.


We got another certification called BRC, certificate with at grade As eats another encouragements and proof that delivers our Products in vendor quality standards we also updated our machinery into Autionisation also installed new and major machinery like nice and Many more to increase our production capacity, which up to 15 Metric ton per day.


After being modernized with competitive markets and well equipped With new technology, we launch our own retail brands as ‘STANAM’ With conceptual retail packing with different packaging format we Started retail selling to satisfied high demand and quality Standard as eats being high required and most recamanded Products like psyllium husk, psyllium husk powder, psyllium Kha-kha powder.


In 2004 we had started a new unit same as supper psyllium with capacity Of 6 ton per day, which is continuously progressive till form today with Same capacity of production during this year we got ISO certification We are being well equipped with modern technology and machinery to Increase production race and keeping our natural products


After passing successful years, we started Satnam Psyllium industries as our second first with innovative stratagy and broad conceptualize production to meet helth And quality standard. During this period, we had sifted our brand To Unjha territory from Palanpur to capatilized our raw materials abd easiyer way to generate production racio by sifting we have Achieved 6 ton production capacity per day with finishing production. As well as labeling it also-good pickup time that we are being 100% exports Of our own products around the world, countries mean while we met with Quality and branded bayers Thorough out the exporting products During those years we also typed at strong bonding and reduction With then as a regular and permanent buyer during this journey We never compromise on our quality and standard while delivering Products around the world, countries with maintaining basic quality Standard


Satnam glories redefine by brief history In 1995 we have started our brand as Supper psyllium industries in Palanpur our journey start From here we had a small production unit at that time our production capacity was one tone Production with finel and finishing production, we had retail serving within india of our psyllium production as well as We also provide private labeling for other manufactures This was the first time we had started our export during this Period.